Why Choose Harmony Coastal Lamb?

Why Choose Harmony Coastal Lamb?

We are very passionate about our Coastal Lamb range because it is lamb you can feel ‘good’ about eating.
  • Fresh Water, Fertile Soils, and Healthy Habitat is what gives Coastal Lamb Biodiversity, which is a measure of the health and sustainability of our farm environments.
  • This all maintains a healthy balance in our food chain and eco system. We see it as ‘Coastal Care’, feeding you sustainability.

Fresh Water: is the lifeblood of farming, it maintains pasture growth and supplies many springs on the farm. This includes testing the irrigation system to ensure water efficiency and enhancing existing wetlands to improve water quality.

Fertile Land: or soil is able to support the growth of many strong healthy plants. This includes having the right farming systems in place that integrates these soil types and focuses on their strengths and weaknesses for improvement.

Healthy Habitat: is a diverse environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives, grows, and reproduces. This includes adding fish migration to waterways and growing wetland and amenity plantings.

Harmony – Better for you and the planet 💚🌏