The five best friends a steak can have

The five best friends a steak can have

While a perfectly cooked and rested steak is alone a beautiful thing, it doesn’t take much to elevate it to a new level of deliciousness with the simple addition of a ready-made condiment.

Here are our five favourite condiments to pimp your steak.

Mandys Horseradish Sauce

There’s good reason why horseradish and steak is a marriage made in heaven – the tangy, spicy horseradish foils the buttery mouthfeel of a steak – no wonder it’s also an essential element of steak tartare. Famous for its hot, piquant bite, Mandys Horseradish will wake up your palate and your senses. We love that this horseradish sauce is additive and preservative free and is produced here in New Zealand by Mandy Steel, the largest grower of horseradish in the country.


Lewis Road Creamery Garlic and Parsley Butter

Sometimes simple things are the best things and the velvety smooth Lewis Road Creamery garlic and parsley butter is another go-to condiment we always have in our fridge. A generous dollop melted on a piping hot steak is just delicious. And we love the fact that the messy work has been done so no garlicky smelling hands or jammed up garlic presses.


The Four Saucemen Black Truffle Rub

The Neat Meat team’s pick of the condiments, this is a rub that will take any cut of beef to a higher place. Created by the Four Saucemen, a quartet of good mates from Auckland who shared a love of barbecue and began producing rubs, sauces and glazes. Generously coat the beef with Black Truffle Rub before cooking and enjoy a hint of rich, decadent truffle with your perfectly grilled steak.


Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard

No steak-loving condiment list would be complete without a mustard and our pick is this classic French Dijon. It’s a traditional mustard made with Burgundian white wine instead of wine vinegar and mustard seeds grown in Burgundy, which give it a tang and spiciness that goes so well with steak. Plus we love it because it’s produced by Edmond Fallot, one of the most well-known and the last independent Moutarderie or mustard mill in France, producing the golden condiment since 1840.



Rocket Fuel Sauce

Strap in and hang on – Rocket Fuel’s signature brown table sauce is very moreish. The sauce gives a jammy, spicy barbecue flavour to any cut of beef, especially steak. We’ve been known to put lashings of this versatile sauce on our steak and eggs at breakfast – it has just the right amount of heat and packs a flavour punch.