Cut from the short loin and with a fine grain and ribbon of fat along one side. This Savannah Sirloin is cut thicker creating an impressive steak for your BBQ.

Savannah meaning 'Pastureland', is 100% grass fed New Zealand Beef.

2x 200g sold per pack net 400g. Delivered chilled.

How to cook: Best served medium to medium-rare. Bring the steak to room temperature and get the pan or BBQ really hot. Rub with oil & season with salt & pepper. Sear and turn once to ensure the juices are retained, 3-4 minutes each side. Place onto a wooden board or plate, cover loosely with foil and rest for about 6-7 minutes before slicing across the grain or serving. Resting will allow the meat to relax, and the juices will return to the meat fibres. Serve with peppercorn sauce, boiled potatoes and garlic butter asparagus.



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