Beef Brisket is known as one of the best slow-cooking barbecue meats. It's a cut of meat located from the breast area and has an unbeatable combination of flavour and tenderness.

Savannah meaning 'Pastureland', is 100% grass fed New Zealand Beef.

1 item sold per pack. Delivered chilled.

How to cook: Brisket is really amazing smoked, cooked low and slow. Rub your brisket in your favourite spice rub. Cook in BBQ Smoker (or oven) for 3 hours at 115 °C. It should then be ‘boated’ inside your smoker for a further 6–8 hours. A ‘boat’ is an open foil construction used to hold liquid and allow food to rest in its own juices. Serve with potato wedges and coleslaw.


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