Rum and Que

Marinate meat for up to 6 hours or for best results overnight and cook to your liking. Reduce remaining marinade (you may need to add extra from the bottle) in a pot until thick, then brush on while cooking, add a little extra to serve.

Go on - Slap It On! 300ml Squeeze Bottle 

Ingredients: Hoisin Sauce (Sugar, water, Soybean paste [water, salt soybean wheat flour] salt sweet potato powder, colours [150a, 129] modified corn starch, [1422], Sesame paste, diced garlic, Spices, Salted chilli peppers, acidity regulator [260] Soy sauce, glucose, syrup, brown sugar, water, rice wine[water, rice, wheat salt] Garlic pulp, Ginger pulp, food colour [124] Modified Corn Starch [1442] Spices, Thickener [415] 

Contains Soy, wheat, (contains Gluten), Sesame 


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