Savannah beef short ribs are a fantastic braising and smoking cut, cooked long enough the meat will fall off the bone!

Please note that the short ribs will come as one whole piece 2.4-2.7kg. Individual rib numbers may vary. 

This item is sold as a frozen item. It may partially thaw in transit. As with fresh product, use within 5 days or refreeze.

How to cook: Slow cooking is the best for this cut. Heat oven to 100 °C. Rub with oil then season with salt & pepper. Place in large snug fitting tray, cover tightly with foil and cook for 7-8 hours. Remove foil and brush ribs with 2-3 cups of BBQ Sauce (or other favourite), cook for a further 20-30 minutes until sticky or caramelised. Serve with creamy potato mash or fries and coleslaw.


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