Rich in flavour, tender and tasty.

Savannah meaning 'Pastureland', is 100% grass fed New Zealand Beef.

Made of the two most prized cuts of beef, the T-bone steak provides two different textures and flavours featuring a tender fillet muscle on the smaller side and a juicy sirloin on the other.

This item is delivered chilled.

How to cook: Best served medium to medium-rare. Bring the steak to room temperature and get the pan or BBQ really hot. Rub with oil & season with salt & pepper. Sear and turn once to ensure the juices are retained, 4-5 minutes each side. Place onto a wooden board or plate, cover loosely with foil and rest for about 6-7 minutes before slicing across the grain or serving. Resting will allow the meat to relax, and the juices will return to the meat fibres. Serve with finely chopped fresh herbs & garlic on top of the steak, boiled potatoes with sour cream & chives, seasonal steamed vegetables.



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