Our Harmony Free Range Pork Scotch Fillet is an 'easy to cook' lean meat, fillets for a scrumptious dinner. 100% NZ free-range pork.

All Harmony pigs are farmed to the highest ethical standards, grazed in open fields alongside cattle in the shadow of the Hunter Hills, and are sourced from one farm ensuring a fully traceable supply chain.

How to cook: Bring the steak to room temperature and get the pan or BBQ really hot. Rub with oil & season with salt & pepper. Sear and turn once to ensure the juices are retained, 4-5 minutes each side. Place onto a wooden board or plate, cover loosely with foil and rest for about 6-7 minutes before slicing across the grain or serving. Resting will allow the meat to relax, and the juices will return to the meat fibres. Serve with melted garlic herb butter on top of the steak, hot fries & fresh salad. 


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