Black Origin

Black Origin Wagyu beef sirloin, 300 day grain fed, marble score 8-9, is a luxurious treat, coveted on restaurant menus around the globe thanks to its rich, buttery flavour and consistently outstanding quality. This ultra-tender, well marbled, umami-rich steak is the Rolls Royce of meats.

How to cook: The secret to cooking Wagyu beef is to keep things simple. It has a unique flavour and texture that you don’t want to overwhelm with rich sauces and marinades. Wagyu is at its most tender when the fat melts completely, so we recommend serving it medium rare to medium. Simply season with good quality salt and freshly ground black pepper and cook in a pre-heated, greased pan over a high heat. Sear the Wagyu on each side and check for doneness by the touch test or use a thermometer.

Remember to rest the steak for at least five minutes before enjoying this delicacy. If you can wait that long!


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